Streaming Tips & Tricks

First & Foremost you need an internet connection with at least a 1mbps upload or throughput connection speed!!!

Check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if your internet connection has this ability, or see our Bandwidth Test section

01.) Clean or flush your stream after or before each show (this is easily achieved by starting your stream with no mic or music for 30 seconds, now when you start your next show at a new venue, your new audience and venue owner won’t hear the end of your last show).

02.) Never stream while using Skype (Skype makes several changes in your record and play mixers to operate).*

03.) Do not stream while using an open web browser, receiving or sending email or performing any social networking.*

04.) If you are responsible for placing your stream in the venue’s land, copy & paste works fine, but always check to make sure you copied the entire url. If you leave the first or last letter or number off,  your stream will be live in the internet, but not in Second Life at the venue.

05.) Depending on your sound card or chip configuration, “Stereo Mix” (for Realtek chips) or “What You Hear” (for Sound Blaster / Creative cards) MUST be selected in your RECORD MIXER settings.

06.) Always type (not copy & paste) your stream info when entering it into the Shoutcast DSP Winamp Plug-in.

07.) .Make sure your mic is HOT (turned on and/or connected properly).

08.) Never change your bit rate while streaming, shut down, reset and then restart your stream.

09.) Never exceed 128 kpbs bit rate, 96 kbps is generally more acceptable for ISP Broadband connections.

10.) Try to pay attention to local chat, if there is a problem with your stream your audience will be your first clue.

11.) As a matter of SL etiquette, try to always show up for a show 15 mins prior to taking the stage. If it’s your first time at a new venue, you should have already visited the venue, gotten the lay of the land, located hostess & venue tip jars, dance Intans, and make a note of something you can mention in your show as a compliment to the venue. Locate and introduce yourself to the hostess, manager & owners. It’s always nice to mention all at least once, but your hostess should be mentioned every time you remind your audience to tip the venue (which should be at least 3 times in a 1 hour show).

12.) Be aware of the entertainer before and after you, always compliment the entertainer who introduces you and always give a complimentary introduction to the entertainer that follows you.

13.) On the last show of your set, step into the audience, remove any props you have onstage and invite the next performer to set up his or her stage. This helps the venue show continue with less delay, your audience and venue owner will appreciate it.

14.) Be aware of the sim rating at any venue you perform at, and adhere to those ratings. Adult language at family rated sims is never acceptable, if you do make a mistake, acknowledge it on mic, apologize and move on. More than likely that will be the end of it unless it persists. The venue owner will let you know otherwise.

15.) When you or your team send notices ALWAYS have your name, the venue name and the SL scheduled time IN THE MAIN HEADER FIELD!!! Most eyes never go past that part of a notice anyway.

*Depending on your ISP connection, following these suggestions can help connectivity.